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6 April 2018

CNN Travel Calls Qatar’s Hamad International Airport the World’s Most Luxurious

At its 2018 awards, aviation industry reviewers Skytrax also named the HOK-designed HIA the best airport in the Middle East and the fifth-best in the world.

From CNN Travel:

“Standard advice says it’s best to get to the airport two hours ahead of departure time. Anyone flying via Qatar’s Hamad International might want to double or even triple that. Not because there’s any extra hassle getting through security at this gleaming, ultramodern facility. In fact, if you’ve signed up to its E-passport scheme, you’ll be through in minutes. Nope, it’s because you’re going to want to spend that extra travel time wallowing in what is probably the most luxurious airport on the planet. It’s possibly the coolest, too.

“Opened in 2014 with the ambition of turning the Arabian Gulf city of Doha into a global aviation hub serviced by Qatar Airways, HIA now handles more than 30 million travelers a year.

“It’s a majestic structure. Built on land reclaimed from the sea, the architecture reflects its coastal location with a rooftop that ripples away from the concourse in swooping peaks and troughs. An adjacent mosque resembles a giant blue droplet of water. Inside, departing passengers walk into a lofty check-in hall, illuminated in daytime by bright sunlight shafting down from scores of lozenge-shaped skylights.”

CNN’s article also highlights the airport’s museum-quality art program, upscale boutiques, Italian-style public furniture, futuristic indoor train, fantastic airport gym with a 25-meter swimming pool, 100-room hotel, luxurious business class lounges, formal restaurant, private cinema and beautiful spa.

“None of these luxurious offerings have escaped the notice of aviation industry reviewers Skytrax,” notes CNN. “At its 2018 awards in Stockholm, the UK-based organization named HIA as the best airport in the Middle East for the third year in a row. It also bumped it up its global rankings, based on passenger surveys, from sixth to fifth place.”

CNN Travel