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4 April 2018

Autonomous Vehicles Will Be a Game Changer for Real Estate, Says Jerome Unterreiner

The senior urban designer in HOK’s Seattle studio spoke to MIPIM’s Innovation Insider about the potential for autonomous vehicles to revolutionize urban planning.

Excerpted from Innovation Insider:

Shared autonomous vehicles also transform how roads are used, impact journey times, and improve health and safety. For international architectural firm HOK, the elimination of cars from city centres and a shift to autonomous vehicles (AV) will drive a revolution in urban planning, transforming the way even roads are designed.

“AVs will greatly impact and positively influence the built environment, especially the street edges, by establishing a more robust and extended relationship between the building and the street,” says Jerome Unterreiner, senior urban designer at HOK. “The current equation of the building sitting behind the sidewalk, with minimal influence, will shift to its playing a role in street design. This is a game changer for real estate.”

Unterreiner adds: “Visionary planning is the key to success. Plans will need to carefully consider how to transition to AV. The first moves are likely to offer tangible examples of how electric cars will benefit the places we live, work, shop and visit.”

Planning for AV also means making space for the technologies of the future, such as the Hyperloop, conceived by Tesla’s Elon Musk to potentially provide land travel at airline speeds.

“Similar to transportation corridors, we should craft the AV network to connect and reinforce existing and planned projects as a complete system, replete with efficiency, delight and economic value for both public and private infrastructure and development,” Unterreiner says.

Innovation Insider