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30 August 2017

Gordon Wright: Incorporating Residential Design into the Workplace

Companies are aiming to make offices more comfortable for employees by designing interiors with a more residential focus.

Excerpted from Quartz:

The latest way companies are trying to entice people to the office is to make it a home away from home.

Architects and designers are being charged to create offices with relaxed vibes in mind in the hope that it will blur the distinction between home and office, making the latter a more appealing place for employees to spend time with colleagues.

Perks such as bike racks, shower facilities, open layouts, and breakout sessions have helped make the workplace a friendlier place to be, but they fail to address why so many people enjoy working remotely: they save time on commuting, they can choose the type of space they want to work in, and they feel more at ease.

According to Gordon Wright director of WorkPlace for global design firm HOK, that means moving away from a workplace that’s “cold, slick, hard and uncomfortable” and thinking instead about the aspects of home working that are most appealing. “Let’s give them places where if they want to curl up on sofa and do email for half hour that’s acceptable,” he says.