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7 June 2016

HOK Punctuates Pritzker Group’s Los Angeles Headquarters with Vibrant Colors and Bold Artwork

Pritzker Los Angeles

In its May 2016 workplace issue, Interior Design features HOK’s design of the Pritzker Group’s headquarters in Los Angeles.

The Pritzker Group, a financial services company, selected HOK to design an expansion and renovation to its Los Angeles headquarters. HOK previously designed the firm’s office space in 2004.

“When [Managing Partner Anthony Pritzker] called HOK back for the new Pritzker Group headquarters nearby, a bolder look was his top request. ‘The art is your wow factor,’ Clay Pendergrast responded. Already well acquainted with the fabulous collection, he anticipated more the second time around. A gallery-esque environment would therefore fit the bill. The previous scheme was ‘50 shades of beige,’ Mike Goetz chimes in. ‘Now we couldn’t get it bright enough.’ Gloss paint and solid-surfacing are pure white to offset splashes of the new corporate color, pumpkin orange.”

Pritzker Los Angeles

“It’s introduced by the wool-viscose on the lounge chairs swiveling in the reception area. And there are often orange flowers on display, though not in a conventional pot or planter. As an artful alternative, they fill a vertical niche in the Cor-Ten steel panel of a wall sculpture. ‘It’s an element of enchantment you typically don’t get,’ Pendergrast notes.”

Pritzker Los Angeles HOK

“Broad strokes of HOK’s space-planning were dictated by the Pritzker Group business model: The company handles both private equity and venture capital investments, and each operation is clustered on its own side of the 6,700-square-foot space. From reception, follow a runway of gray-and-white striated Turkish marble set into the floor. Then turn either left or right at the end—if the artwork on the wall straight ahead doesn’t stop you dead in your tracks.”

Pritzker Los Angeles HOK

“The ability to work anywhere being another creative-workplace tenet, HOK provided plenty of options. Employees can grab a laptop and head to those orange swivel chairs, which appear both in reception and, for private conversations, in the chic phone room. Then come the conference and meeting rooms, both so meticulously detailed that not a data port or electrical outlet is visible.”

Interior Design