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7 August 2015

Huntington Park Wins Best of the Ballparks

Huntington Park

The HOK-designed baseball stadium in Columbus, Ohio, won Ballpark Digest’s Triple-A Best of the Ballparks award by a fan vote.

“‘We are honored that Huntington Park has been selected as the winner of the ‘Best of Ballparks’ for Triple-A Baseball,’ said Ken Schnacke, Clippers president and GM. ‘Our award winning ballpark, while in its seventh season, continues to win accolades for its uniqueness and attention to detail. Our fans continue to support us in record numbers, and the theme we had originally of creating an ‘outdoor park where baseball is played’ continues to serve our community, and the baseball industry, very well. We are very proud to be selected to represent the Triple-A Ballparks; and we humbly accept this award on behalf of our community and our fans.’”

“‘Huntington Park is truly a community resource, a ballpark with a great design run by a front office committed to the fan experience,’ said Kevin Reichard, publisher of Ballpark Digest. ‘The Clippers are a top-notch organization, and the fans showed their commitment to their team and their ballpark in what was the toughest bracket in our competition.’”

Ballpark Digest