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1 July 2015

AAJ Profiles HOK’s Tommy Sinclair as an Emerging Justice Design Professional

In an Academy of Architecture for Justice Journal feature, HOK Senior Design Professional Tommy Sinclair, who is based in the firm’s Dallas office, discusses his architectural career and the future of justice architecture.


How do you see the role of the justice architect evolving over the next several years?

“The role of the justice architect will evolve to be more multidisciplinary. Justice architects will be gaining more experience in healthcare and science and technology markets from projects that have mental health treatment programs or forensics lab components. With the increase of pre-trial diversion programs and problem solving courts, there is also a need for justice architects to become engaged earlier than usual. Even before master planning or space programming. For example, a county could be in transition, adding more programs or courts, and we have to facilitate all the departments involved (courts and law enforcement) to help in establishing their goals for special diversion programs before the specifics of spaces are even addressed. It’s a system-wide approach, as opposed to solving one issue at a time, as they come up.”

What do you hope to contribute to the justice market?

“Within the justice market, I hope to contribute well thought out planning strategies that improve the operational aspects and design character of justice facilities. I also hope to advance how we as architects deliver justice projects to our clients through the use of BIM and analysis tools.”

AAJ Journal