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17 June 2015

HOK Designers Share Tips for Improving the Passenger Experience at Airports

HOK’s Robert Chicas and Ripley Rasmus describe how airport design can relax passengers and enhance the guest experience.

Long Beach Airport Concourse

“One key to a successful airport is easy navigation. Travelers should be able to get from security to their gate without getting lost, with help from subtle design cues nudging them in the right direction. In design lingo, this process is called wayfinding.

Indianapolis International Airport

“For example, in many new airports, passengers can seen through to the tarmac immediately after they leave security, or sooner. ‘More important than anything is a view directly out to airside and you see the tails of all the aircraft,’ says Robert Chicas, director of Aviation + Transportation at HOK, the architectural firm that helped redesign the Indianapolis International Airport. ‘Does it matter whether it’s your aircraft? Probably not. It gives you an orientation so you know generally that’s the direction you need to head in.’”

“Airport shops are packed with souvenirs and trinkets that reflect the local culture because that’s what travelers want to buy. ‘Local brands, local services, reinforce this idea of place, and that you are in a special place on your way to the rest of the world,’ says Ripley Rasmus, senior design principal at HOK.”

Yahoo Travel