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Kay Sargent

Next Gen Workplace

HOK’s Kay Sargent will present “Next Gen Workplace” at the ALMO E4 Experience in Boston on October 22.

This session will reveal characteristics of the Gen Z generation and the impact they will have on the workplace.

If you are planning workspace for the future, you need to look at providing for a multi-generational workforce, enabled by technology and working in a more agile manner than ever before. The NEXT generational wave is about to hit the workplace and today’s space planning decisions should anticipate them. What will they look like, and what will their impact on the way we work be? And how will new advances in technology impact the workplace going forward? HOK examines the theory of the Archetypes, the impact the Gen Zs will have, and emerging differences in lifestyle, culture and work styles and their effects on the Next Generation Workplace.

Kay Sargent
Kay is a director of HOK’s global WorkPlace practice.
Date & Time
Oct 22, 2020
Boston Marriott Newton
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