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Patrick MacLeamy on the Future of the Building Industry

Patrick MacLeamy, HOK’s chairman, has a unique vision for the future of the building industry. He believes that today’s buildings cost too much to build, don’t work as well as they could and don’t last long enough. In this video series, Patrick offers a solution for creating better buildings at much more affordable prices.

Patrick’s story begins with A Tale of Three Domes (above), in which he chronicles the gradual separation of designer and builder and suggests that Integrated Project Delivery is an idea whose time has come again.

The story continues in parts 2–5:

Part 2 – Team Organization: Owner-architect-contractor teams should be reorganized into a single-contract buildingSMART organizational model that mandates teamwork and thus leads to better buildings at better prices. Watch the video.

Part 3 – The Effort Curve: We need a new strategy to shift more effort to design and away from other tasks. New building information modeling (BIM) software makes this possible. Watch the video.

Part 4 – Buildings Are Assembled, Not Built: To improve the building process, we first need to understand that today’s buildings are assembled, not built. Building components are delivered to the site and the general contractor serves as master assembler. Watch the video.

Part 5 – BIM, BAM, BOOM!: The term “BIM” does not begin to convey the tremendous promise of building information modeling to enable better design, construction and operations — at enormous cost savings. Watch the video.