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Modular Pods for Modern Offices

The IRYS System
Manufactured by Clestra Hauserman

HOK Product Design’s IRYS is a demountable wall system offering autonomous workspaces that are not connected to the building. It combines the flexibility of a temporary pod with the quality and performance of a permanent office space.

This multifunctional system provides organizations with a range of design options for creating freestanding workspaces that support up to 12 people in open-plan offices.

Because IRYS’s modular components are independent from the structure of the building and have variable geometries, they can be easily reconfigured in size, shape and location to create an individual or shared office, a meeting room or a relaxation area. Components can be disassembled and reassembled anywhere in the office in just a few hours.

The modular concept supports the seamless integration of lighting, airflow management, electrical wiring, audiovisual equipment and storage features.

IRYS is available in a wide range of finishes including fabric, wood and steel. The finishes can be easily changed out as offices relocate or renovate to match each new design aesthetic and colorway.

Find out more on Clestra Hauserman’s website.


Red Dot Award – Product Design Category


12 July 2017 
“Object of the Moment: Irys by Clestra Hauserman
HOK News

25 May 2016 
“Clestra Hauserman’s IRYS System Wins Red Dot Design Award”
HOK News