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Private Workspace Solutions for the Open Office

Gather Collection – Clubhouse and Reflect
Manufactured by Allsteel

Clubhouse and Reflect are the newest additions to Allsteel’s Gather collection of furniture.

The need for space that enables people to perform heads-down work became increasingly important as more people moved out of private offices and into open-plan benching.

As a room within a room, Clubhouse addresses the modern workplace’s need for flexibility in an open office design. It forms a room within a room, creating a secluded space in any location. Clubhouse facilitates uninterrupted thought for team members and is offered in 15 different configurations and heights, with or without technology. It allows companies to renovate their space without investing in construction. If they move out of a space, they take the Clubhouse furniture with them.

Reflect creates personal refuges around the open office—in the hallway, adjacent to a row of workstations or near a wall of windows. This personal workspace enables people to escape from daily distractions to do concentrated work or take a personal call. A large, enveloping back reduces distractions and communicates unavailability. The generous space allows room for a laptop, paperwork and coffee. A swivel base allows users to reconnect with the broader office environment with a simple turn.

HOK Product Design collaborated on the design with Designworks USA.

Find out more about Reflect and Clubhouse on Allsteel’s website.


Interior Design Best of Year Award – Reflect

Good Design Award – Clubhouse & Reflect