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A Full Circle of Light

Full Circle®
Manufactured by Mark Architectural Lighting, a Division of AcuityBrands

Full Circle® is a recessed LED luminaire that allows light to curve and flow through a space with previously unattainable flexibility—be it in a full circle of light or any number of variations. 

Constructed from multiple segments along the circumference, Full Circle allows designers to create an unlimited number of custom shapes, including a half circle or 90-degree curved turn. For more flexibility, Full Circle’s straight sections can be connected to the radius sections. Full Circle LED luminaires are available as circular luminaires, arc sections, straight sections and organic shapes.

The luminaire can be mounted in both lay-in and hard ceilings. Full Circle’s butt-jointed, opal acrylic lens comes in either flush or regressed condition. When mounted in a hard ceiling with a mud-in installation, the luminaire gives the illusion that the ceiling is disappearing into the lens. Circles with diameters from two to 20 feet can be combined to form unique lighting combinations.

Find out more about FULL CIRCLE® on Acuity Brand’s website:

Full Circle LED Recessed Circle

Full Circle LED Recessed Arc

Full Circle LED Recessed Linear


Architectural Record – Record Product Distinction

Interior Design Magazine – HiP Award

Snap Magazine - Snappy Award