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We inspire people through our work by expressing timeless cultural, organizational and personal values.

We connect people and place with ideas that come from many minds and imaginations.

We care about serving our clients, enriching lives, improving communities and protecting our natural environment through design.

We are a global architecture, design, engineering and planning firm.

60+ Years of Design + Innovation

Visual Communications for Business Success

TD Ameritrade Headquarters, Operations + Technology Center

TD Ameritrade Headquarters, Operations + Technology Center   |   View Project

Gatwick International Airport Wayfinding

Gatwick International Airport Wayfinding   |   View Project

TD Ameritrade Workplace

TD Ameritrade Workplace   |   View Project

Allsteel and Gunlocke Resource Centers

Allsteel and Gunlocke Resource Centers   |   View Project

IBM Silicon Valley Lab Executive Briefing Center

IBM Silicon Valley Lab Executive Briefing Center   |   View Project

BP Corporate Learning Center

BP Corporate Learning Center   |   View Project

CalSTRS Headquarters

CalSTRS Headquarters   |   View Project

Capital Market Authority Tower

Capital Market Authority Tower   |   View Project

HumanaVitality Headquarters

HumanaVitality Headquarters   |   View Project

IBM Executive Briefing Center

IBM Executive Briefing Center   |   View Project

Philips Workplace Displays

Philips Workplace Displays   |   View Project

Shell Workplace Murals

Shell Workplace Murals   |   View Project

Tenet Healthcare Graphics

Tenet Healthcare Graphics   |   View Project

University of Texas at Dallas Wayfinding

University of Texas at Dallas Wayfinding   |   View Project

Barclays Head Office

Barclays Head Office   |   View Project

BP Global Wells Institute

BP Global Wells Institute   |   View Project

The Dalí Museum Graphics

The Dalí Museum Graphics    |   View Project

IBM RTP Executive Briefing Center Displays

IBM RTP Executive Briefing Center Displays   |   View Project

Jack Daniel’s Distillery Visitor’s Center

Jack Daniel’s Distillery Visitor’s Center   |   View Project

Global Telecommunications Company Workscape Display

Global Telecommunications Company Workscape Display   |   View Project

Global Telecommunications Company Graphics and Wayfinding

Global Telecommunications Company Graphics and Wayfinding   |   View Project

Global Telecommunications Company Display Environments

Global Telecommunications Company Display Environments   |   View Project

Symantec Wayfinding and Graphics

Symantec Wayfinding and Graphics   |   View Project

TD Ameritrade’s Display Evolution

TD Ameritrade’s Display Evolution   |   View Project

Zurich Graphics Unification

Zurich Graphics Unification   |   View Project

IBM Executive Briefing Center

IBM Executive Briefing Center    |   View Project

Aera Energy Learning Center Exhibits

Aera Energy Learning Center Exhibits   |   View Project

HOK’s visual communications group integrates space and message.

Many organizations understand the importance of designing, scripting and telling stories about the user experience. HOK’s strategists and designers help them do this in branded and thematic environments, visitor and learning centers, showrooms and retail environments.

These messages communicate an organization’s essence and values. They create visible, approachable experiences with a strong sense of place.

Whether through print and pixel or art and artifact, these experiential environments always are on-brand and of-culture. 

Juan Esparza

Juan Esparza

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