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17 May 2017

Ronak Gawarwala and Blanca Dasi Espuig Present “The Power of Parametric” at Green Sky Thinking

Ronak Gawarwala and Blanca Dasi Espuig Present "The Power of Parametric" at Green Sky Thinking

HOK presents The Power of Parametric, led by Ronak Gawarwala and Joyce Chan, HOK London’s sustainable design leaders, and Blanca Dasi Espuig, sustainable design specialist, as part of 2017 Green Sky Thinking, a week-long, London-wide initiative exploring sustainable design. The seminar takes place May 17, 6 p.m., at HOK’s London studio.

The integration of environmental strategies within the design process has always been a challenging process especially when using traditional methods of analysis that had limitations in speed, efficiency, complexity and adapting to design changes. The Power of Parametric will cover how HOK’s latest research (through its in-house High Performance Design Lab) has led to developing environmentally responsive parametric tools and processes that work seamlessly with our design teams and help maximize overall building performance.

These parametric tools are versatile, fast, economical, applicable to any design project in any location and provide a continuous feedback loop. The event will showcase HOK’s experience in planning, designing and analyzing high-performance buildings and share the six steps to integrating sustainability that guides the firm’s design ethos.

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