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28 February 2017

HOK’s James Stawniczy Discusses Thermal Comfort and Wellness with OfficeInsight

AMC_Credit Michael Robinson

OfficeInsight interviewed HOK’s James Stawniczy on thermal comfort and wellness in the workplace.

“‘There’s a wellness revolution happening,’ said James Stawniczy, AIA, senior consultant, wellness at HOK. He acknowledges a convergence of factors for the growing enthusiasm about healthier work environments.”James Stawniczy

“In explaining how these factors came together, Mr. Stawniczy starts with timing, then takes a head-on approach. He states that the industry has known about unfavorable thermal comfort and IEQ conditions for some time now. Advancements such as those encompassed within LEED certification are documented successes at the building level. Therein lies the missing link to creating buildings that are not only sustainable and efficient, but healthier and wellness-oriented at the workstation level.

‘What we’ve recognized is that 80% of a building’s real cost is people related,’ said Mr. Stawniczy. He notes that LEED certification takes in construction and build-out, which is approximately 20% of the total cost.

‘A new category beyond LEED has opened up, which is wellness, which represents the people who work in buildings and create revenue for the business.’ As a concept and practice, wellness receives more attention now, he adds, because it is more doable than in the past.”

“‘Architecture firms, HOK included, have a huge focus on providing clients with the right outcomes,’ he said. ‘So when we’re emphasizing wellness to them, we’re backing it up by saying, ‘If you do this, your outcome is going to be much better within the space.’”